They kept to themselves. They would just sit at the back of the room. They didn’t get involved. People made fun of them and when I heard someone say they wanted revenge, I said: That makes sense. I stayed away from them.
Greg Branes, Columbine Student. 

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Soon, Eric and Dylan would kill themselves in the library, denying any of us the chance to question them. I’d never be able to sit down across from the guy I used to throw snowballs at in elementary school and ask him why he had wanted to kill all those people who had done him no wrong whatsoever.

Brooks Brown (No Easy Answers: Ch. 1, Pg. 12)

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I think that on my next birthday, I wanna get this tattooed on my wrist or somewhere, it’s from Dylan’s planner I think….. “Beautiful as the sky” lyrics to one of my favourite Smashing Pumpkins songs Beautiful. The top picture is the original image and the bottom one is just without the lines etc and not as much of the swirly stuff on the Y 

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The schools Eric went over the years:

Pics 1 & 2- Brantwood Elementary School, Riverside, Ohio: Kindergarten (86-87);
Pics 3 & 4- Valley Elementary School, Beavercreek, Ohio: 1st & 2nd grades (87-88 & 88-89);
Pic 5- Cedar Lake Elementary School, Oscoda, Michigan: 3rd & 4th grades (89-90 & 90-91);
Pic 6- River Road Elementary School, Oscoda, Michigan: 5th grade (91-92);
Pic 7- Stafford Middle School, Plattsburgh, NY: 6th & 7th grades (92-93 & 93-94);
Pic 8- Ken Caryl Middle School. Littleton, CO: 7th & 8th grades (93-94 & 94-95);
Pic 9- Columbine Senior High School, Littleton, CO: 9th - 12th grades (95-99).

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I think that they had kind of a hidden hatred that they just didn’t show anyone but each other, and I — you know, I wish that we could have — their friends — we could have helped them in some way.
Robyn Anderson (via crimeandcolumbine)

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